Mosman Symphony Orchestra rehearses on most Wednesday evenings during school terms. Most rehearsals are held at the Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre, at the corner of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road, Mosman. We meet at 7:15pm for a 7.30pm start and finish at 10:00pm, with a break where hot drinks and chocolate biscuits (and cake) is supplied.

Rehearsal schedule

Please keep an eye on this link, as it will be updated when necessary, and the date changed!

2019 Dates

Our orchestral dates have been confirmed with the Art Gallery. Our tour to Mountain Ridge Estate (Yes, we have been invited back!)  has been postponed due to the state election. Dates have been updated on February 4 – please note there are NO Tuesday evening rehearsals! 😉

2019 Mosman Symphony Orchestra Dates revised March 21

Program 3. Liang, Bizet (formally Shostakovich), Chopin.

Just a couple of points regarding our 3rd program. Shostakovich is out due to both the cost involved and that we are seeing quite a few members opt out of performing more challenging works (which is a terrible shame, we grow and develop as an ensemble through these experiences!). Instead we are playing selections from Bizet’s L’Arlesienne Suites. We will be playing:

Suite No.1

No.1 Overture

No2. Minuetto

No.3. Adagietto

Suite No.2

No3. Minuetto

No4. Farandole


Parts. the Liang Adagio will b available at the first rehearsal. This is a short, but highly interesting work, so please be there. Leon is revising the piece as we speak!

Bowings will all be up in short order. Here’s Chopin and Bizet.

Chopin Violin 1 pno cto no 1 . BIZET L’Arlésienne Suite No.1 24 – violin 1 . BIZET L’Arlésienne Suite No.2 24 – violin 1 .

Chopin Violin pno cto no 1 . BIZET L’Arlésienne Suite No.1 25 – violin II . BIZET L’Arlésienne Suite No.2 25 – violin II .

Chopin Viola pno cto no 1 . BIZET L’Arlésienne Suite No.1 26 – viola . BIZET L’Arlésienne Suite No.2 26 – viola .

Chopin cello pno cto no 1 . BIZET L’Arlésienne Suite No.1 27 – cello . BIZET L’Arlésienne Suite No.2 27 – cello .

Chopin Bass Pno Cto no 1 . BIZET L’Arlésienne Suite No.1 28 – double bass . BIZET L’Arlésienne Suite No.2 28 – double bass – Copy .


Rehearsal Order

Coming soon! Expect to read everything at rehearsal 1…


Classical music in the heart of Mosman

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