Mosman Symphony Orchestra rehearses on most Wednesday evenings during school terms. Most rehearsals are held at the Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre, at the corner of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road, Mosman. We meet at 7:15pm for a 7.30pm start and finish at 10:00pm, with a break where hot drinks and chocolate biscuits (and cake) is supplied.

Rehearsal schedule

Please keep an eye on this link, as it will be updated when necessary, and the date changed!

2018 – dates and the programming for this year!

Mosman Symphony Orchestra and Choir Dates modified April 10

Please make a note of the dates – for program 2 there is a change of day for the first concert, moving to Saturday night instead of Friday! Please write in your diaries in RED!

For the chorus: regular Monday evening rehearsals are not on the list, but performances are. You will be contacted ASAP regarding our first rehearsal.

For the orchestra: All rehearsals and concerts are listed above

Availability forms have been sent out. Please make sure you respond

Program 3

Here are the parts for the next program – gradually becoming complete… Please note:

Wind brass and percussion parts for Turina and Il Trovatore are not here (yet)

There is more music than was handed out at our June concert, choruses from Carmen and Il Trovatore. The Carmen parts especially may not looked like these exactly, due to creating parts with good page turns and placing cuts into the music. Originals for these will be at the first rehearsal.

Bowings. There are very clear and precise bowings in every string part uploaded as of 16/7/18. PLEASE copy them in pencil onto your parts before our first rehearsal. These are SSO bowings, they have been checked for discrepancies, made playable, etc. etc. so they should be rather good! 😉 

Tempi. There has been a couple of requests for tempi in this concert – and there are many tempo changes! I have listed quite a few below. Please use these, combined with recordings, and a degree of salt as we rehearse, finding the best tempi for soloist and the orchestra as a whole.


Movt. I. Lento (in 8) Vivo (in 4) Lento (in 8) Vivo (bar 7) in 1 dotted crotchet = 76. Poco meno (8 before figure 4) dotted crotchet = 63

Movt. II 5/8 quaver = 210. 6/8 dotted crotchet = 60

Movt. III. crotchet = 120

de Falla

Movt. I. dotted crotchet = 50. Figure 5 dotted crotchet = 68. figue 8 crotchet = 104. figure 16 quaver = 112. figure 20 crotchet = 88

Movt. II. crotchet =100. figure 10 crotchet = 144. figure 13 crotchet = 84. figure 20 crotchet = 120.

Movt. III. crotchet = = 132. figure 28 crotchet = 84. figure 32 crotchet = 120. figure 43 crotchet = 58

Anvil Chorus

crotchet = 138


#3 dotted crotchet = 124

#4 dotted crotchet = 104

Entract IV. dotted crotchet = 80

#25 crotchet = 148

#26 crotchet = 116

Capriccio Espagnole

I. crotchet = 120

II. quaver = 112

III. crotchet = 120

IV. dotted crotchet = 72

V. doted minim = 66




2018 program 3 de falla bizet rimsky flutes and piccolo

2018 program 3 de falla bizet rimsky oboes and cor

2018 program 3 de falla bizet rimsky clarinets

2018 program 3 de falla bizet rimsky bassoons


2018 program 3 de falla bizet rimsky horns

2018 program 3 de falla bizet rimsky trumpets

2018 program 3 de falla bizet rimsky trombones and tuba


2018 program 3 de falla bizet rimsky timpani and percussion


2018 program 3 de falla bizet rimsky harp

program 3 2018 violin 1 . carmen choruses bowed violin 1 . anvil chorus bowed violin 1

program 3 2018 violin 2 . carmen choruses bowed violin 2 . anvil chorus bowed violin 2

program 3 2018 violas . carmen choruses bowed violas . anvil chorus bowed violas

program 3 2018 cellos . carmen choruses bowed cello and bass . turina cello bowed . anvil chorus bowed cello and bass

program 3 2018 basses . carmen choruses bowed cello and bass . anvil chorus bowed cello and bass

Classical music in the heart of Mosman

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